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Leviath Schrödings (レヴィアート=シュレディングス) or simply Levi is also know as the Third Angel Leaphar (レアファル), the four-winged magistrate of the sky. He is the master of Serras C. Braith and Jacobs.


Like all demons and angels in the series, Leaphar has multiple forms. His usual form is that of an extremely well endowed woman with greenish white hair and green eyes, who wears a very revealing outfit. However, Leaphar is actually a man, with long straight black hair tied back in a ponytail. He has and angular face with a moderately muscular medium build. His Angellion form consist of four large rectangular cannons with feathers on the side, resembling wings.


As Leviathan is actually a man in a lascivious female body, he has some rather perverted tendencies. Further, like most angels, he chose his first parter, Serras C. Braith because he was easy to control. However, after his defeat, he chose a host who, while not at easy to control, was much stronger as a warrior, showing leviathan is willing to learn from his mistakes.



Powers & Abilities[]